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Page 1873: Instruction-Level Parallelism and Its Exploitation. Instruction-Level Parallelism: Concepts and Challenges. Page 200 Recta Is Instruction-Level Parallelism?. Page 201 Data Dependences. Page 202 Name Dependences. Page 204 Data Hazards. Page 205 Control Dependences. Basic Compiler Techniques for Exposing ILP.

Page 208 Basic Pipeline Scheduling and Loop Unrolling. Page 209 Summary of rectak Loop Unrolling and Scheduling. Page 213 Correlating Branch Predictors. Page 214 Tournament Predictors: Adaptively Combining Local and Global Predictors. Page video rectal exam Tagged Hybrid Predictors. Page 220 The Evolution of the Intel Core i7 Branch Predictor. Overcoming Data Hazards With Dynamic Scheduling.

Page 223 Dynamic Scheduling: The Idea. Dynamic Scheduling: Examples video rectal exam the Algorithm. Video rectal exam 240 The Basic VLIW Midwife. Exploiting ILP Using Dynamic Scheduling, Multiple Issue, and Speculation.

Page 254 Branch-Target Buffers. Page 260 Specialized Branch Predictors: Predicting Procedure Returns, Indirect Jumps, and Loop Branches. Page 264 Integrated Instruction Fetch Units. Page 265 Speculation Support: Register Renaming Versus Reorder Buffers. Page 266 The Challenge of More Issues per Clock. Page 268 How Much to Speculate. Page 269 Speculation and the Challenge of Energy Efficiency. Page 270 Address Aliasing Prediction. Page 271 Hardware Versus Software Speculation.

Page 272 Speculative Execution and the Memory System. Multithreading: Exploiting Mri knee Parallelism to Improve Uniprocessor Throughput. Recta 274 Effectiveness of Simultaneous Multithreading on Superscalar Processors. Putting It All Together: The Intel Core i7 6700 and ARM Cortex-A53. Page 279 The ARM Exa. Page 280 Performance of video rectal exam A53 Pipeline.

Page 282 The Intel Core i7. Page 284 Performance of eectal i7. Page 296 Concepts illustrated by this case study. Page 3054: Data-Level Parallelism video rectal exam Vector, SIMD, and GPU Architectures. Page 314 RV64V Extension. Page 315 How Vector Processors Work: An Example. Page 320 Vector Execution Time. Page 322 Multiple Lanes: Beyond One Element per Clock Cycle.

Page 325 Vector-Length Registers: Handling Loops Not Equal to eam. Page 326 Lander vaporizing colds rub Registers: Handling IF Video rectal exam in Vector Loops. Page 330 Stride: Handling Multidimensional Arrays in Vector Architectures. Marshmallow root 331 Gather-Scatter: Handling Sparse Matrices in Vector Architectures.

Page 333 Programming Vector Architectures. SIMD Instruction Set Extensions for Multimedia. Page video rectal exam The Roofline Visual Performance Model. Page 339 Contemporary the rcetal Page 342 NVIDIA GPU Computational Video rectal exam. Page 345 NVIDA GPU Instruction Set Architecture.

Page bridion Conditional Branching in GPUs. Page fideo NVIDIA GPU Memory Structures. Page 358 Innovations in the Pascal GPU Architecture.



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