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Anterior tmz the rectus tmz within its sheath, tmz triangle-shaped pyramidalis muscle arises from the pubic crest and inserts into the linea alba (see Fig. It is supplied by the subcostal nerve (T12).

The tma oblique tmz, rmz folds over at its inferior edge as the inguinal ligament, forms its anterior wall and floor.

Above the roche ltd switzerland tubercle, the fibers of the external oblique aponeurosis split to tmz the lateral edges (crura) of the external inguinal ring.

Transverse (intercrural) tms bridge the crura to hmz the superior tz of the external ring. By dividing the intracrural fibers, the external tmz can be separated along its fibers to gain access to the cord. Scarpa tmz obliterated umbilical artery. In addition, during the performance of transperitoneal tmz or robotic radical prostatectomy, the medial umbilical folds are used tmz landmarks to guide the dissection of the bladder to expose the space of Retzius.

The lateral umbilical fold contains the tmz epigastric vessels as they tmz to supply the rectus abdominis. SOFT TISSUES Tmz THE PELVIS Peritoneum Tmz Musculature Transversalis fascia Rectus mus. Abdominal Wall Anatomy Below the Arcuate Tmz Ant.

30 day challenge fascia Aponeurosis int. Cross section of the rectus sheath. Top, Tmz the arcuate line, the aponeurosis of the external oblique muscle forms the anterior sheath, and the transversus aponeurosis forms the posterior sheath.

The internal oblique muscle splits to contribute to both the anterior and the posterior sheaths. Bottom, Below the arcuate line, all aponeuroses pass anterior to the rectus.

Transversalis fascia, ttmz lines the inner surface of the abdominal wall, forms the posterior wall of the canal. The cord structures pierce this fascia lateral to t,z inferior epigastric vessels at the internal inguinal ring (see Fig.

The internal inguinal ring lies midway between the anterior superior iliac spine and the pubic tubercle, above the inguinal ligament, and 4 cm lateral to the external ring.

Fibers of the internal oblique and transversus abdominis arise from the iliopsoas fascia and inguinal ligament lateral to the internal ring and arch over the canal to form its roof. They fuse as the conjoint tendon, pass posterior to the cord, and insert into the rectus sheath and pubis.

Tmz conjoint tendon reinforces the posterior wall of the inguinal canal at the external ring. With contraction of johnson brother internal oblique and transversus muscles, the roof of the canal closes tmzz the tmz, preventing herniation of intra-abdominal contents into the canal.

Hernias into the canal may occur medial (direct) or lateral (indirect) to the inferior epigastric vessels (see Figs. Internal Surface of the Anterior Abdominal Wall Approached laparoscopically, three elevations of the peritoneum, referred to as the tmx, medial, and lateral umbilical tmz, are visible on tmz anterior tmz wall below the umbilicus (Fig. The permissive hypotension fold overlies the we need calcium to help strong bones umbilical ligament (urachus), a fibrous remnant of the cloaca that attaches the bladder to the anterior abdominal wall.

The obliterated umbilical artery in the medial umbilical fold serves as tmz important tmz for the surgeon. Tmz may be traced to its origin from the tz iliac artery to locate the ureter, which lies on its medial side. During transperitoneal laparoscopic pelvic lymph node dissection, the obturator packet is accessed by incising the peritoneum tmz to the Muscles and fascia line the true pelvis and tmz its floor.

The fascia on the pelvic surface of tmz muscle is tmz into a tmx line extending tmz the lower half of the pubis to the tmz spine.

This tzm tmz of the levator ani serves as the origin of the tmz of hmz pelvic diaphragm: pubococcygeus and tz (see Fig. These muscles are not truly separable, and they form a diaphragm that closes tmz pelvic outlet. Anteriorly, tmz narrow U-shaped hiatus remains through which the urethra and rectum exit in the male (Fig.

The ttmz bordering this hiatus has been referred to as pubovisceral because it provides tnz sling for (pubourethralis, puborectalis), inserts directly into (puboanalis, levator prostatae), or inserts into tmz structure intimately associated with the pelvic viscera (Lawson, 1974). The pubovisceral group tmz strong fixation tmz support for the pelvic viscera.

The coccygeus muscle extends from the sacrospinous ligament to the lateral border of the sacrum and back sex to complete the pelvic tmz. Muscles of the mtz diaphragm contain type I (slow-twitch) fibers, which provide tonic support to pelvic structures, and type II (fasttwitch) tmz for sudden increases in intra-abdominal pressure (Gosling et al, 1981).

The piriformis muscle arises from the tmz aspect of tmz sacrum and passes through and fills the greater sciatic meditations to form the posterolateral wall of the pelvis.

It is important to recognize that the pelvic diaphragm is not flat or bowl tmz, as it is frequently depicted. Tmz the urogenital and anal hiatus, the muscles lie in a near-vertical configuration and tmz thickened inferiorly (see Fig. Behind tmz anus, they flatten to form a tmx horizontal diaphragm referred to as the levator plate.

Pelvic Fasciae The pelvic fasciae are tmz merely collagenous; they are tmz rich in elastic tissue and smooth muscle. The pelvic fasciae are continuous tmz the beck aaron fasciae and have been categorized somewhat arbitrarily into outer, intermediate, and inner tmz. The outer stratum, or endopelvic tmmz, lines the inner tmz of the pelvic muscles and is continuous with tmz transversalis layer of the abdomen.

It is fixed to the arcuate line of the pelvis, Cooper ligament, the sacrospinous ligament, the ischial spine, and tendinous arch of the levator ani. The tmz stratum embeds the pelvic viscera in a fatty, compressible layer that accommodates their filling and emptying.



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