Mindfulness meditation

Спасибо mindfulness meditation просто бесподобная тема

BARE NERVE ENDINGS - nerve mindfulness meditation that terminate in periphery as bare unmyelinated endings. CAPSULATED NERVE ENDINGS - In the form of specialized capsulated structures i. Connective tissue lamellae 3.

Cutaneous receptors mindfulness meditation pain, touch and temperature. The receptors which receive stimuli from within the body, e. Mindfulness meditation, baroreceptors, Proprioceptors, osmoreceptors and glucoreceptors 3. The receptors that receive stimuli from the distance, mindfulness meditation. Visual receptors, cochlear receptors and olfactory receptors.

Electromagnetic receptors - retina 13. These include: (i) cutaneous receptors (in epidermis and dermis) for Cutaneous tactile sensibility. Hair cells in organ of corti (cochlear) or Auditory receptors, and hair cells mindfulness meditation vestibular apparatus or vestibuloreceptors for equilibrium. Thermoreceptors, which detect environmental temperature.

Photoreceptors or electromagnetic receptors, i. The receptors which respond to Mindfulness meditation. Those present in skin and mucous a time for physical exercise. Those present in muscles, tendons, joints and subcutaneous tissue.

Visceral receptors, which are present in the visceral organs. Produces Generator potential ( n. Properties of receptors 1.

Perception and discrimination of intensity 5. Law of projection mindfulness meditation. TO DEMONSTRATE MECHANISM Structure Diagram Response A. Tonic receptors- which adapt slowly pain and temp recep. On off Adaptation : decline in responsiveness on prolonged stimulation a. Law of projection : Sensation is localized at the site where receptor is located mindfulness meditation when the stimulus is applied at any point on mindfulness meditation sensory pathway.

Spatial and temporal summation Summation of stimuli mindfulness meditation simultaneously on the receptor or of stimuli applied repeatedly at the same site. CONTROL OF OUTPUT :- FOR HOMEO. FUNCTIONS OF INPUT TO CNS 1. UNDERSTANDING THE WORLD 4. STORAGE IN MEMORY 5. It is similar to excitatory post-synaptic potential in synapse, end plate Potential in a neuromuscular junction pfizer net electrotonic potential in a nerve fibre.



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