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Page journal of physics chemical Servers in a Google WSC. Page 550 Concepts illustrated by this case study. Page 551 Concepts illustrated by this case study. Page 5547: Domain-Specific Architectures. Example Domain: Deep Neural Networks. Page 576 The Xenophobic of DNNs. Page 578 Training Versus Inference.

Page 579 Multilayer Perceptron. Page 581 Convolutional Neural Network. Page 582 Recurrent Neural Network. Page 585 Summary of DNNs. Page 588 TPU Architecture. Page 589 TPU Microarchitecture. Page 591 TPU Implementation. Page 592 TPU Software. Page 595 Improving the TPU. Page 596 Summary: How TPU Follows journal of physics chemical Guidelines. Microsoft Catapult, a Flexible Data Center Accelerator. Page 599 Catapult Implementation and Architecture.

Page 600 Catapult Software. Page 601 CNNs on Controls. Journal of physics chemical 602 Search Acceleration on Catapult. Page 605 Catapult Version 1 Deployment. Page 606 Catapult Version 2. Page 607 Summary: How Catapult Follows the Guidelines.

Pixel Visual Core, a Personal Mobile Device Image Single Unit. Page 611 ISPs, the Hardwired Predecessors of IPUs. Page 612 Pixel Visual Core Software. Page 614 Pixel Visual Core Architecture Philosophy. Blood thinner xarelto 615 The Pixel Visual Core Halo.

Page 616 A Processor of the Pixel Visual Core.



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