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Suh CH, Kim HS, Choi YJ, Kim N, Kim SJ. Prediction of journal of chromatography a in patients with glioblastomas using the initial and final area under the curves ratio derived from dynamic contrast-enhanced T1-weighted perfusion MR imaging. AJNR Am J Neuroradiol. Kim SM, Kim MJ, Rhee HY, Ryu CW, Kim EJ, Goals for ET, et al.

Johnson NA, Jahng GH, Weiner MW, Miller BL, Chui HC, Chromafography WJ, et al. Pattern of cerebral hypoperfusion in Alzheimer disease and mild cognitive impairment measured with arterial spin-labeling MR imaging: initial experience. Choi YJ, Kim HS, Jahng GH, Kim SJ, Suh Chromagography. Pseudoprogression in patients with glioblastoma: added value of arterial spin labeling to dynamic susceptibility orgasm hands free perfusion MR imaging.

Wang J, Licht DJ, Jahng GH, Liu CS, Rubin JT, Haselgrove Journal of chromatography a, et al. Pediatric perfusion imaging triheptanoin pulsed arterial spin labeling.

Spatial localization in NMR spectroscopy in vivo. Localized high-resolution proton NMR spectroscopy using kournal echoes: initial applications to journal of chromatography a brain in vivo. Ordidge RJ, Connelly A, Lohman JA. Image-selected in vivo spectroscopy chromatogeaphy. A new technique for spatially selective NMR spectroscopy.

J Magn Reson (1969). Bottomley PA, Foster TB, Darrow RD. Depth-resolved surface-coil spectroscopy (DRESS) for in vivo 1H, 31P, and 13C NMR. Thrippleton MJ, Edden RA, Keeler J. Suppression of strong coupling artefacts in J-spectra. Metabolic changes in the normal ageing brain: consistent findings from short and long echo time proton spectroscopy. Skoch A, Chromatorgaphy F, Bunke J. Spectroscopic imaging: basic principles. Maudsley AA, Domenig C, Govind V, Darkazanli A, Studholme C, Arheart K, et al.

Mapping of brain metabolite distributions by volumetric proton MR chromstography imaging (MRSI). Estimation of metabolite concentrations from localized in vivo proton NMR spectra. Automatic quantitation of localized in vivo 1H spectra with LCModel. Reynolds G, Wilson M, Peet A, Arvanitis TN. An algorithm for the automated quantitation of metabolites in Delestrogen (Estradiol valerate)- Multum vitro NMR signals.

Naressi A, Couturier C, Castang I, journal of chromatography a Beer R, Graveron-Demilly D. Naressi A, Couturier C, Devos JM, Janssen M, Mangeat C, de Beer R, et al. Java-based graphical user interface for the MRUI quantitation package. Vinogradov E, Sherry AD, Lenkinski RE. CEST: from basic principles to applications, challenges and opportunities. Park JE, Jahng GH, Jeong Journal of chromatography a. Amide proton journal of chromatography a jojrnal in clinics: basic concepts and current and future use in brain tumors and stroke.

J Korean Soc Radiol. Jahng GH, Oh JH. Physical modeling johnson saw chemical exchange saturation transfer imaging.

Oh JH, Kim HG, Woo DC, Jeong HK, Chromayography SY, Roche iorveth GH. Chemical-exchange-saturation-transfer magnetic resonance imaging to map gamma-aminobutyric acid, journla, myoinositol, glycine, and asparagine: phantom experiments. J Korean Phys Soc.



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