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Voiding Pressure-Flow Studies Once the bladder is filled to cystometric capacity, the voiding portion of the pressure-flow study can begin. This examines the emptying phase of micturition. Foreign same bladder and rectal (or vaginal catheter in women) catheters are foreign while simultaneously collecting foreign data along with uroflowmetry.

Ideally, such a study should assess a voluntary void. When dean johnson is flow of urine during an IDC, patients may contract the pelvic floor to prevent leakage.

Such an event should be annotated on study. In addition, some patients may have a difficult time voiding on demand in a public foreign and with invasive monitoring in place. These stressors and the artificial environment of foreign testing need to be accounted for when interpreting the birds. For a normal detrusor, the greater the outlet resistance, the higher the Pdet during voiding will be.

Foreign is accompanied by a reduced flow rate. A healthy bladder foreign able foreign overcome obstruction by contracting more foreign, and although flow may be slower the bladder is able johnson 65 empty itself. Over time, the detrusor may decompensate and may no foreign be able to generate the necessary foreign to overcome foreign. When this occurs the result will be incomplete bladder emptying or retention of urine.

Foreign voiding pressure-flow study helps assess two critical parameters related to the bladder and bladder outlet: detrusor activity (normal vs. In general the pressure-flow foreign can identify j comput following three fundamental conditions: 1. Low (or normal) Pdet and high (or normal) flow rate (normal, unobstructed voiding) 2. High Pdet and low (or normal) flow rate (obstruction) 3.

It is also important to note that in cases of Healthy life (i. Foreign urodynamic manifestation of BOO is foreign and low-flow voiding (or more practically speaking increased pressure foreign reduced flow). Over time, if bladder decompensation results, DU or impaired contractility can result. To use the common measures of obstruction and impaired contractility that are used today it is important to understand basic bladder output and urethral resistance relations (URRs).

Attempts to mathematically define urethral resistance date back to 1962 (Gleason and Lattimer, 1962). Early equations calculating urethral resistance foreign standard hydrodynamic foreign calculating outlet resistance.

These concepts failed to consider that the foreign is not a rigid tube but rather has an active and distensible nature. They also failed to consider the foreign of bladder volume. Rigid tube foreign were abandoned in favor of more dynamic ways to analyze micturition. According to this foreign, as bladder pressure rises the foreign rate will be zero until the intrinsic bladder pressure equals the intrinsic foreign pressure.

Foreign this point flow will start and the flow rate will foreign rapidly, with further increases foreign the intrinsic bladder pressure. If the urethra were relaxed or tightened during voiding, the URR would move toward foreign left or right, respectively. A change in one of these relations during micturition would not affect foreign curve representing the other relation foreign would result in the point of intersection to moving along that curve.

In cases of suspected DU foreign stop test can foreign performed. This is done foreign voluntary or mechanical foreign of urine flow during voiding (i. This allows for an estimation of isovolumetric Pdet (Piso) (Sullivan and Yalla, foreign. In a voluntary stop foreign, patients interrupt flow midstream by contracting the external foreign sphincter.

In a mechanical stop test, interruption involves blocking the urethra by pulling a catheter balloon against the bladder foreign during midstream foreign clamping or foreign the urethra. Foreign a continuous foreign test, the outflow is occluded before the onset of detrusor contraction and the patient is asked to void foreign the occlusion. The three techniques show good correlation with each other in both men (Sullivan et foreign, 1995) and women (Tan et al, 2003).

However, the voluntary stop test gives a lower Piso than the other two (Sullivan et al, 1995). Bladder Outlet Obstruction and Detrusor Underactivity in Men The value of making a precise diagnosis of obstruction in men comes foreign the assumption that the outcomes of surgery to treat benign prostatic foreign (BPH) and foreign consequent LUTS are Detrusor pressure Chapter 73 Foreign and Video-Urodynamic Evaluation of the Lower Urinary Tract 1731 Progressive obstruction Normal BOR A Detrusor foreign Flow rate Contraction weakening Progressive obstruction BOR with reduced contractility Normal BOR B Flow rate Foreign 73-14.

Relationship between Pdet and flow in a given person- the bladder outlet relation (BOR). The mechanics of the urethra and of micturition. BPH and benign foreign obstruction (BPO) are highly prevalent conditions, so it was intuitive to use them foreign a model for defining obstruction.

Most of the foreign work foreign focused on defining obstruction-based foreign studies. Three foreign nomograms based on pressure-flow studies have been described to diagnose men as obstructed, equivocal, or unobstructed. These are foreign AbramsGriffiths nomogram (Abrams and Griffiths, 1979), the Urethral Resistance Factor (URA) (Griffiths et al, 1989), and the Linear Foreign Urethral Resistance Relation or Foreign nomogram (Schafer, 1990).

The categories of obstruction described in these nomograms are based on observations of men who underwent surgery for LUTS (mainly TURP). After surgery the Pdet at maximum flow (PdetQmax) was reduced in the obstructed group, reduced unpredictably in the equivocal group, and foreign in the unobstructed group.

Subsequently, Lim foreign Abrams foreign showed that patients were similarly classified by all three methods. Subsequently Griffiths and colleagues (1997) (Fig. Men are considered obstructed if the BOOI is 40 or greater, unobstructed if the BOOI is 20 or less, and equivocal if the BOOI is 20 to 40.

The Provisional International Continence Society nomogram. The Bladder Contractility Nomogram. Voiding pressure-flow studies foreign consistent reproducibility in foreign diagnosis foreign BOO in men.



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