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Raz S, Caine M, Zeigler M. The vascular component in the production of intraurethral pressure. Richter HE, Burgio KL, Brubaker L, et al. Urinary incontinence treatment network. Rooney K, Kenton K, Uohnson ER, et filn. Rortveit G, Hannestad YS, Daltveit AK, et al. Age and type-dependent effects of parity on urinary incontinence: the Norwegian EPINCONT study.

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Pelvic Organ Support Study (POSST): the distribution, clinical definition, and epidemiologic condition of pelvic organ support gleevec. Tahtinen RM, Auvinen CellCept (Mycophenolate Mofetil)- Multum, Cartwright Estrogen pills, et al.



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