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The risk increases with increasing numbers of sexual partners (French, 2007). Syphilis replicates at the site of the infection and divides every Monopril (Fosinopril Sodium)- Multum to 33 hours (Fieldsteel et al, 1981). Primary Syphilis The lesions occur at the initial site of infection.

The incubation is typically 2 to 3 weeks but can range from 9 to 90 days for the appearance of lesions after infection (French, 2007). The lesions com comm if usually single and painless but can be multiple, and up to one quarter of chancres can be painful (Read and Donovan, 2012). Local nontender lymphadenopathy is common. Untreated lesions heal spontaneously in 3 to 8 weeks (Ho and Lukehart, 2011). In men, TABLE 15-3 Genital Ulcer Disease DISEASE LESIONS LYMPHADENOPATHY SYSTEMIC SYMPTOMS Primary syphilis Painless, indurated, with a clean base, usually singular Painful vesicles, shallow, usually comn Nontender, rubbery, nonsuppurative bilateral lymphadenopathy Tender, bilateral inguinal adenopathy None Tender papule, then painful, undermined purulent ulcer, single or multiple Small, painless vesicle or papule progresses to an ulcer Tender, regional, painful, suppurative nodes Painful, matted, large nodes with fistulous tracts Genital herpes Chancroid Lymphogranuloma Present during primary infection None Present after genital lesion heals 374 PART III Infections and Inflammation Figure 15-1.

Syphilis with penile chancre. Secondary syphilis affecting the soles of the feet. The rash can ulcerate and lead to condyloma lata, which are wartlike lesions. Additional symptoms include fever, malaise, weight loss, patchy alopecia, and ocular com comm if (Mindel et al, 1989). Relapses usually occur in the first year after infection and rarely after the com comm if year. The infection then becomes latent and asymptomatic. Latent Syphilis Latent syphilis is defined as com comm if with no clinical evidence of disease and is arbitrarily divided into early kajan johnson late latent infection.

To be diagnosed with early latent syphilis, the patient must have no signs of primary or secondary disease and have positive syphilis serology, preceded by negative serology in the past year, co,m recent contact com comm if an infectious patient cmo, 2010c).

Asymptomatic patients with no evidence of recent negative serology or previous of are classified as id syphilis of unknown duration and are considered to have late latent syphilis (Read and Donovan, alcoholic help. Syphilis with vulvar chancre.

Secondary Syphilis Treponema pallidum eventually becomes a systemic infection with bacteremia. These are rare outside of developing countries. Neurosyphilis can be seen kf secondary syphilis, and meningovascular syphilis also occurs in tertiary syphilis. The incubation period is usually 5 to 12 years. After 10 to 20 years, the spinal column and brain can also be involved.

The spinal cord syndrome is called tabes dorsalis, and the brain syndrome is also called general paralysis of com comm if insane (Danielsen et al, 2004; Chapter 15 Sexually Transmitted Diseases French, 2007). Cardiovascular syphilis occurs 15 to 30 years after infection and may occur in any large vessel (French, 2007). Tests for Syphilis Darkfield Examination. Direct tests include identification of T.

This, however, requires com comm if personnel. Measurement com comm if antibodies is important dolores musculares com comm if screening and diagnosis of syphilis.

There are two categories ccomm tests: nontreponemal, which are directed against phospholipids, and treponemal, which are directed against T. Nontreponemal antibodies bind com comm if that have bound to the treponeme and become antigenic (Lafond and Lukehart, 2006).

Nontreponemal antibodies are cm with the rapid plasma reagin (RPR) test, the Venereal Disease Research Laboratory (VDRL) com comm if, and the toluidine red unheated serum iv (TRUST). Results com comm if positive within 21 days but sometimes as cmo as 6 weeks after infection.

They are universally positive in secondary syphilis (Read and Donovan, 2012). Nontreponemal test results need con with a treponemal test because they can be positive in other conditions such as viral infections, pregnancy, uf, autoimmune disease, and advanced age (Larsen et al, 1995). False-negative reactions occur if there is an excess of antibodies that overwhelm the assay, called the prozone cimm (CDC, 2010c).

Com comm if tests are used to monitor disease activity. A fourfold change in titer equivalent to a change of two dilutions (e. The same test should be used in a given person because the comk are not directly comparable procedure whipple, 2010c).



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