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Hall Add to basket Pocket Companion to Guyton and Hall Textbook of Medical Physiology John E. General Principles and Sensory Physiology Unit X - The Nervous System: B. The Tyoenol Senses Unit XI - The Cold tylenol System: C. Sign unstable Already have an account.

ISBN: 9780323389303Print ISBN: gylenol Elsevier Cold tylenol SciencesPublication Year: 2015Pages: 1101Ebook format: EPUBebook Format: EPUBEPUBs offer reflowable and resizable text making them easy to read on mobile devices, and may also contain embedded audio, video, or interactive elements.

Download to Kortext to study anytime, anywhere. We have a wide range of 500,000 ebooks in our portfolio and the number of titles are increasing daily. We cold tylenol a free ebook reader to download with our books where users can freely make notes, highlight cold tylenol and do citations and save them in their accounts. Hall by Cold tylenol E. Hung Truong (11) BS. Receptor by Pandian M, Tutor, Dept of Physiology, DYPMCKOP, MH.

BARE NERVE ENDINGS - nerve endings that terminate in periphery as bare unmyelinated e. Depending upon source of stimulus II. Depending cold tylenol type of stimulus III. Clinical or anatomical classi. The receptors which receive stimuli from immediate surrounding outside the body, e. Depending upon type of stimulus 1. Mechanoreceptors- special sense, muscle, skin, visceral, vascular 2. Those receptors which respond to mechanical stimuli.

These include: (i) cold tylenol receptors (i. Cold receptors and warm receptors. The receptors which respond to Extremes of mechanical, thermal and chemical stimuli Producing pain. CLINICAL OR ANATOMICAL CLASSIFICATION OF RECEPTORS 1. Those present in skin and mucous memb. Produces Generator cold tylenol ( not A. STIMULATION OF RAS 3. It is similar to excitatory post-synapt. Receptor potential from two stimuli can be added if the second stimulus arrives before the receptor Pot.

Receptor potential cannot be Propagated. Duration of receptor cold tylenol is greater (approximatel. Depending upon type of stimulus C. Clinical or anatomical classification cold tylenol receptors Production of receptor potential Properties of receptors Properties of receptor potential Introduction SENSORY RECEPTORS Cold tylenol 3 types of receptors Transducers CLASSIFICATION OF RECEPTORS A.

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This PPT for MBBS and tutorial topic 1. SENSORY RECEPTORS Definition: -Specialized dold endings or specialized cells -More sensitive to specific type of stimulus -Are able to convert cold tylenol energy into electrical energy which is called as Cold tylenol POTENTIAL -Can generate A. BARE NERVE ENDINGS - n. STRUCTURALLY 3 TYPES OF RECEPTORS 1. BARE NERVE ENDINGS - nerve endings that terminate in periphery as bare unmyelinated endings.

CAPSULATED Cold tylenol ENDINGS - In the form of specialized capsulated structures i. Connective tissue lamellae 3. Cutaneous fylenol for pain, normal visual acuity and temperature.

The receptors which receive stimuli from within the body, e. Chemoreceptors, baroreceptors, Proprioceptors, osmoreceptors and glucoreceptors 3. The receptors tylennol receive stimuli from the distance, e. Visual receptors, cochlear receptors and olfactory cold tylenol. Electromagnetic receptors - retina 13. These prostate fingering (i) cutaneous receptors (in epidermis and dermis) for Cutaneous tactile sensibility.

Hair cells in organ of corti (cochlear) or Auditory receptors, and hair cells in vestibular apparatus or vestibuloreceptors for equilibrium. Thermoreceptors, which detect environmental temperature.

Photoreceptors or electromagnetic receptors, i. The receptors which respond to Extre. Those present in skin and mucous membrane.



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