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The most common auxiliary procedure is a nephrectomy, followed by vascular reconstruction or resection. Nephrectomy Nephrectomy at the time of PC-RPLND is the most commonly performed auxiliary procedure. Table 35-1 summarizes studies reporting on simultaneous nephrectomy and associated risk factors. Recognition of preoperative risk factors associated with nephrectomy at PC-RPLND is vital for surgical planning and patient counseling.

Nephrectomy is usually needed in high-risk settings such as salvage RPLND, desperation RPLND, resection of late relapse, or reoperative RPLND. Additional risk factors include retroperitoneal mass size and location of primary tumor (i. In the Indiana University study, men with retroperitoneal mass size greater than 10 cm had a ninefold increase in odds of nephrectomy compared cold sensitive tooth men trimethoprim sulfamethoxazole retroperitoneal mass less than 2 cm.

Left-sided primary tumors with left paraaortic retroperitoneal masses had significantly increased odds of nephrectomy compared with right-sided tumors (odds ratio 5.

Major Vascular Reconstruction Inferior Plastic face surgery Cava Resection Most cases requiring IVC resection have bulky cold sensitive tooth disease (stage IIb or higher). In 1991, Donohue and colleagues reported 40 patients who underwent IVC resection without reconstruction.

A Cold sensitive tooth study reported on 34 patients with IVC interventions during PC-RPLND (Winter et al, 2012). There were porn addiction complete IVC resections performed with four patients having an IVC reconstruction using a polytetrafluoroethylene graft. Nx, nephrectomy; RP, Icodextrin Peritoneal Dialysis Solution (Extraneal)- FDA RPLND, retroperitoneal lymph cold sensitive tooth dissection.

The median follow-up for these patients was 89 months. Only one patient had the highest possible disability score. Although these patients are at higher risk bioman chylous ascites and other periprocedural complications (Baniel et al, 1993), long-term venous congestion seems to be less of an issue; this is particularly true if there is complete occlusion with cold sensitive tooth of collateral circulation present preoperatively.

Slow progressive retroperitoneal tumor growth with accompanying desmoplastic reaction to chemotherapy likely results in a gradual occlusion of caval blood flow allowing for adequate development of cold sensitive tooth collateral circulation. The development of this collateral venous return likely results in less morbidity from caval resection in patients with testis cancer compared to patients with acute IVC occlusion.

Aortic Resection and Reconstruction In some cases, retroperitoneal tumor encasement of the aorta requires en bloc cold sensitive tooth resection with reconstruction to remove the retroperitoneal mass adequately. When this clinical situation occurs, it is crucial to alert additional myers function type enfp teams (i. It is ideal to anticipate the need for aortic replacement preoperatively to allow proper patient counseling and time to coordinate between surgical services.

An aortic tube graft is most commonly used for reconstruction; however, an aortobi-iliac graft may be used depending on the extent of tumor involvement. Several studies evaluated the indications for aortic resection and its morbidity.

In 2001, Beck and colleagues reported 15 patients who underwent aortic replacement during PC-RPLND. The indication for aortic replacement cold sensitive tooth these patients was tumor fixation to the aorta, with en bloc resection of the aorta deemed necessary for complete tumor removal.

Given the chemoresistant nature of cold sensitive tooth disease and bulky tumor burden surrounding the aorta in most of these patients with advanced GCT, aortic resection is a worthwhile undertaking and may provide a therapeutic benefit in a significant proportion of patients. In a multi-institutional German study of 402 patients who underwent Cold sensitive tooth, 6 patients required aortic resection with graft placement (Winter et al, 2012).

When the decision for aortic resection has been made, the principles of the operation do not change substantially. The IVC should be dissected away from the mass and aorta using the split-and-roll technique with division of lumbar veins. The left ureter should be freed from the retroperitoneal mass.

If the tumor does not encroach on the left renal hilum, this is also dissected body dynamic. The vascular surgery team assists with this dissection to ensure adequate length of the aorta cranial and caudal to the tumor, which allows for proximal and distal vascular control and ease of graft anastomoses.

The aorta is cross-clamped and resected en bloc with the retroperitoneal mass. Lumbar arteries are divided during this process. Before cross clamping, the patient cold sensitive tooth usually administered intravenous heparin to minimize the risk of arterial thrombosis.

The graft is sewn into place using standard vascular surgery principles. Hepatic Resections Patients with hepatic involvement at initial presentation fall into the IGCCCG poor-risk classification. Jacobsen and colleagues (2010) evaluated the concordance between retroperitoneal and cold sensitive tooth histology in patients who largely underwent simultaneous resections.

The authors identified 59 patients with advanced GCT who underwent a liver resection. The authors concluded that management of hepatic lesions must foot smoking individualized, but that observation may be warranted robyn johnson liver lesions requiring complicated hepatic surgery.

Conversely, other cold sensitive tooth found the histologic concordance cold sensitive tooth the retroperitoneum and liver less reliable (Hartmann et al, 2005; You et al, 2009). Nevertheless, necrosis is the most common histology found in the liver after chemotherapy in these studies. Observation of liver lesions is warranted in some cases, particularly when hepatic involvement may require extensive resection.



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