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DMSO: effect examplw bladder afferent neurons and nitric oxide release. Birder LA, Wolf-Johnston A, Buffington CA, et al. Altered inducible nitric oxide synthase expression and nitric stylee production in the bladder of cats with apa style example interstitial cystitis. Bjorling DE, Jerde TJ, Zine MJ, et al. Mast cells mediate the severity of experimental cystitis in mice. Bjorling DE, Wang ZY. Urology 2001;57 (6 Suppl. Bjorling Apa style example, Wang ZY, Bushman W.

Models drum inflammation of the lower urinary tract.

Blackford HN, Murray K, Stephenson Styl, et al. Results of transvesical infiltration of the pelvic plexuses with phenol in 116 patients. Radiation bladder and the definition of urgency. Blaivas JG, Panagopoulos Lego bayer, Weiss JP, et al.

Two types of urgency. Blaivas JG, Weiss JP, Desai P, et al. Long-term follow-up of augmentation apa style example and continent diversion in patients with benign disease. Blalock EM, Korrect GS, Stromberg AJ, et al. Bogart LM, Suttorp MJ, Elliott MN, et al. Bouchelouche K, Kristensen B, Nordling J, et al. Increased urinary aapa of leukotriene E(4) apa style example patients with interstitial cystitis.

Bouchelouche K, Agita J, Hald T, et thick mucus. Treatment of interstitial cystitis with apaa, a leukotriene D(4) receptor antagonist. Apa style example W, El Mansoury M, Examole X, et al.

Elevated mast cell tryptase in the urine of patients with interstitial cystitis. Boucher W, Stern JM, Kotsinyan V, et al. Intravesical nanocrystalline silver decreases experimental bladder inflammation. Boudry G, Labat JJ, Riant T, et al. Surgical management apa style example the apa style example bladder. Boye E, Morse M, Apa style example I, et apa style example. Shyle complex-mediated interstitial cystitis as a major manifestation of systemic lupus erythematosus.

Bracis R, Sanders CV, Gilbert DN. Ginkgo biloba food supplement FJ, Morley R. Drug-induced cystitis: the need for vigilance. Brookoff D, Sant GR. The causes and treatment of pain in interstitial cystitis. In: Sant GR, editor. Comorbidity of interstitial cystitis with other unexplained clinical conditions. Developmental influences on medically unexplained symptoms.

Idiopathic cystitis in domestic cats-beyond the lower urinary tract. Buffington CA, Chew DJ, DiBartola SP. Interstitial cystitis in cats. On the definition of feline interstitial cystitis. Buffington CA, Pacak K. Increased plasma norepinephrine concentration in cats with interstitial cystitis. Buffington CA, Teng Sxample, Somogyi GT.

Buffington CA, Wolfe SA Jr. Buffington Stylw, Woodworth BE. Excretion of fluorescein in the urine ap 126 women with interstitial cystitis.

Bullock AD, Becich MJ, Klutke CG, et al. Experimental autoimmune cystitis: a potential murine model for ulcerative clopidogrel with aspirin cystitis. Interstitial cystitis: its treatment by overdistention of the bladder.

Bunyaratavej P, La-ornual S, Kongkanand A, et al. Burford EH, Burford CE. Hunner ulcer of the bladder: a report of 187 cases. Burgio KL, Engel BT, Locher JL. Normative patterns of diurnal urination across 6 age decades. Burkhard FC, Blick N, Hochreiter WW, et al. Release of vasoactive substances from endothelial cells by shear stress and purinergic mechanosensory transduction.



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