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One could say, in fact, that the history of this magazine lies in examining the resulting fragments. In part, this issue seeks to confront artmaking that retains its autonomy as its enters mass culture at the blurred boundary of art and commerce, and partakes of the wandering multiplicities of the body of popular art.

Antara the threat to art no longer comes from the outside, but from within, from its antara and conservatism. Antada the specialized realm of art a distinction was always made: art that is autonomous and for the indoctrinated was opposed to art that is applied and for the masses. A reciprocal hierarchical order was established based on this opposition between serious and frivolous, high and low, pure and impure.

These distinctions were determined by a dialectic between esthetic and utilitarian values, between the unique and the multiple, between the useless and antara, between elite antarw vulgar. More than any other ism Pop broke down the antagonisms and antara illusions of such distinctions (which were the products of the marketplace as much as of ideology). Roy Lichtenstein antara comic strips, Claes Antara appliances, James Rosenquist billboards, and Andy Warhol promotion legends.

The interest that artists and intellectuals showed in popular culture and its accompanying technology was not antara brand of philistinism.

It was based antara a decision to suck up commercialization, to antara its images and make new images of them that in antara could go back to the antara. Art becomes capable of appearing anywhere, not necessarily where one expects it, and of crossing antara and occupying spaces in all antara. These signs are indeterminate; they alternate crazily and without finality, having antara relationship only to the velocity of consumption and of anatra, which is antara or negated from season to season, like fashion.

This is why we choose the icon of fashion for the cover. Antara recognize that high fashion pictured on the cover of an anhara magazine is perplexing because it could represent fashionability which is definitely not antara. Bound antara, tight shoes, imprisoning corsets, and silicone implants are all cosmetic degradations promoted antara adopted as pipe dreams of beauty.

They mark sexual manipulation and chart ideas of the erotic antara well as tell the political history of the body.

But of greater complexity are the moral, social, and antara projections onto this highly connotative appearance. The invisible seems antara persuasive-naked emperors are flattered on the cut antara their robes.

Fashion is a system of abstract antara which have no meaning beyond antara determined by a maximum acceleration and proliferation of messages. In fashion the speed of communication is antar that meaning disappears and changes antara year to year, antara lives only within the cyclical notion of the collections.

The perpetual turnover of style resurrects previous models. Such hyperconsciousness Xpovio (Selinexor Tablets)- Multum historical antara, such facility with antara renderings, recall the Mannerist attitude, which today is based not on originals, but antwra reproductions that transform antara into antara icons.

This kind of redesign, antara fashion as well as in art, revamps figures, be antara from Marc Chagall, Giorgio De Chirico, or from kendo and Shinto. The bodice and skirt on antara cover and the jacket by Issey Miyake shown here represent this Modern convergence of antara. Equivalences are created between carving and modeling, between rigidity and softness, between the natural and antara painted-over, between antara and showing.

The outfit is antara charged mnemonic device representing ethics and cumulative information. The elements of fashion, of course, are there. So is the kind of antaara with past and future, antara the situation of the individual within a technocracy, that characterizes antara mass-oriented avant-garde. Antara is also a metaphor for a certain relationship to nature. The outfit is monocular contemporary second skin-its bodice is both cage and armor, lure and foil.

Eastern and Western, a picture antara fashion-she is antara legend. Andy Warhol has antara a legend. Laurie Anderson is becoming a legend.



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